What a GREAT weekend of skating and sun! The 2015 UNMC Skateathon for Parkinson's was a huge success. A record high 540 skaters came out to enjoy the ice. We were able to raise close to $12,000 for our program.
    Ronnie Stark and Chris Rush completed the entire 24 hours--an AMAZING feat! No White Flags finished the team competition having someone on the ice the whole time. Jerry Wellwood, Dena Rennard, Gavin Ingram, and Cameron Minnmann all put their best laces forward, but came up a few laps short of the 24 hour goal. Still, our hats are off to them for all their energy and effort.
Donations can still be made online in support of a team, individual or the PHD Program. skates
    On of the lead trainers in our PHD Program, will be at the Skateathon to answer questions regarding her classes. Jacey Gengenbach started out with our first session, and has helped it grow up to 5 classes. She has put in great effort to advance her practice and be on the cutting edge of her field.
    All our classes are listed on the calendar. You can sign up for a class online by selecting the class, or if you are new to our program, click on Register and Get Started for the forms needed for entry.

Improvement thru Movement

“Exercise can be fun and is good for you. It can give you more confidence and more energy... Exercise is something you can do to help manage your disease and improve your quality of life.” - Ellis, Rork & Dalton, “Be Active! An Exercise Program for People with Parkinson’s Disease”
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