A special thank you goes out to the EATON Corporation, and Ronnie Stark. Through his amazing efforts as one of our 24-hour skaters, Ronnie, was able to secure an additional $500 for the PHD program through the generosity of his employer. The check was presented to two of our Board Members and Ronnie, at the EATON corporation here in Omaha. Our many thanks for your example and commitment to our community!
      We are pleased to announce that Jacey Gengenbach is now teaching a NEW PHD class in Bellevue! Held at the Liv Yoga Studio, 2308 Cornhusker Road. The class is from 12:30-1:30 on Tuesdays, and is still open for registration. All our classes are listed on the 2014 calendar. You can sign up for a class online by selecting the class, or if you are new to our program, click on Register and Get Started for the forms needed for entry.

Improvement thru Movement

“Exercise can be fun and is good for you. It can give you more confidence and more energy... Exercise is something you can do to help manage your disease and improve your quality of life.” - Ellis, Rork & Dalton, “Be Active! An Exercise Program for People with Parkinson’s Disease”
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