The Parkingson's Health Development program is in our 8th year of serving Omaha and surrounding areas with affordable exercise. It was the dream of Colleen to provide services, classes, workshops, and information to those people affected by Parkinson's Disease. We, her family and friends, have been able to watch that dream materialize under great support and generous donations. Our annual fundraiser, the UNMC Skate-a-thon, has provided us a way to reach out and attract donors, volunteers, teachers, grants, and most of all, awareness of the needs of those with PD.
I am pleased to announce that the PHD Program, in honor of Colleen Wuebben, will be receiving recognition at the UNMC Neuroscience Alliance Dinner and Celebration. We are trilled to be invited, and to be part of the ever-moving force that is meeting the challenges of PD head on. Thank you to anyone that has attended a class, shared a hug, shed a tear, or found their voice to encourage all of us to keep moving forward. The PHD program has been honored to be a part of this journey. --So get your skates sharpened, find your crazy pants, and join us this winter for another lap around the rink, as we dare to put Parkinson's on ice!!!
All our classes are listed on the calendar. You can sign up for a class online by selecting the class, or if you are new to our program, click on Register and Get Started for the forms needed for entry.

Improvement thru Movement

“Exercise can be fun and is good for you. It can give you more confidence and more energy... Exercise is something you can do to help manage your disease and improve your quality of life.” - Ellis, Rork & Dalton, “Be Active! An Exercise Program for People with Parkinson’s Disease”
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